Museum of Vilamós and Victoria mines


Ço de Joanchiquet Museum is located in Vilamòs and Victory Mines in Arres de Sus, these two towns are nearby just 10 minutes by car separate them.

Before deciding to make this excursion we advise to be informed about days and opening hours since they are not always open to the public. The mines are only visited in summer and are guided. You should contact the office of information and tourism in Vielha, in C/Sarriulera, 10. Phone 973 640110.

In Vilamòs there is the Ecomuseum, Ço Joanchiquet, showing a typical aranes House of wealth in the 17th and 18th centuries. Visiting this museum may give you an idea of how they lived in an aranese traditional family.

The Victoria mines, which are found in Arres, village very close to Vilamòs is accessed to them following a partly paved road until the “Bassa of Arres”, from there, follow the road that you will find marked. The Aran Valley, until the beginning of the 20th century, was an important mining area and this mine, which can be visited inside, attests to this.

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