In the morning visit Les Grottes de Bétharram and in the afternoon go to the sanctuary of Lourdes.

From El Valle de Aran there is about 120 km., we advise you to visit the caves in the morning. There is a distance of about 15 Km between the two places.

Les GROTTES DE BÉTHARRAM is the second largest cave in Europe, you travel to it by foot, by boat and by train. The visit lasts approximately 90 minutes and the explanations of the guides are made in different languages. For more information visit their website www.betharram.com

The sanctuary of our Lady of LOURDES is the second Center of pilgrimage most visited after Rome and receives about 6 million people each year. The city of Lourdes (Hautées Pyrénées) has about 15,000 inhabitants and is a bustling tourist city with a special charm.

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